The beautiful finish human hair extensions

By | 18 Tháng Năm, 2017

Kate Middleton’s hair is the epitome of glamour and the Duchess of Cambridge herself is the pinnacle of class and elegance … so naturally many women are keen to emulate Kate’s natural look.

The key to achieving this look is to allow movement … don’t be too specific on the parting or the structure of the hair. The beautiful finish of human hair extensions  Kate Middleton’s hair is down to a good haircut of delicate layers and a good blow dry, finished with a touch of serum.

Katy Perry’s hair is enough to make every girl out there jealous as it seems to look amazing even when it’s gone wrong! While out promoting her perfume at the beginning of the month, Katy Perry’s hair was very copper toned and her Tweets after these shots made the press suggested that this wasn’t her goal shade! Breaking from human hair extensions  her usual long black tresses, the star still looked stunning with this auburn shade … even if she called it an ‘epic fail!’
When clipping in APOHAIR hair extensions for this specific look, be sure not to clip them too high as you can’t be sure to conceal the wefts if the look is to have the movement required.

Now you’re free to flirtatiously run your fingers through the hair, flicking it from side to side, letting the parting fall naturally. Deceptively effortless, this is truly the perfect look for a real lady